• Civilience will provide Trainers for EU MODEX- July 2017

    We will now be supporting the EU MODEX exercises in 2017 through into 2018.

  • Further contracts to provide EUCP Trainers- September 2016

    We will now be supporting the European Union Civil Protection Assessment Mission (AMC) and the Operational Management (OPM) training courses through into 2018.

  • IT Update- April 2015

    Aimed at improving the services we can offer customers, this spring has seen a complete overhaul of our IT systems. We are now excusively an Apple office with new computers, updates to our website and with a fibre optic broadband connection.

  • Civilience contracted by the United Nations- March 2015

    Civilience has been contracted to develop the INSARAG Earthquake Response Exercise Guide. As part of the arrangements, we will provide support for the earthquake response exercise in Mongolia in 2015 and in Indonesia in 2016.

  • Civilience - new project with UN-OCHA- December 2014

    Wow! .... we are going to produce the new First Responders Training Package for UN-OCHA and INSARAG. The package will be ratified by the INSARAG Steering Group in February 2015 .... so we had better get working!

  • Civilience contracted to provide EUCP Trainers- September 2014

    Trainers from Civilience will be participating in a number of European Union Civil Protection training courses through into 2015. We will support the High Level Course (HLC), the Assessment Mission Course (AMC) and the Operational Management Course (OPM).

  • Tweeting and Twittering- July 12, 2013

    You can now 'follow' Civilience on Twitter, read our tweets and link to other organisations involved in the fields of disaster management and civil resilience. You can find our page here or by clicking on the icon at the bottom of every web page.

  • EU Civil Protection Forum- May 12, 2013

    As an organisation working hard within Europe, we will be attending the EUCP Forum in Brussels on the 15-16 May. We hope to see all our European colleagues there, make new friends and explore new opportunities.

  • Civilience web site redesign- April 1, 2013

    As a reader of our website, hopefully you will notice a few improvements. The website has been redesigned to resolve a few problems with navigation while using tablets and we took the opportunity to improve and expand the content.

  • Civilience contracted to provide EUCP Trainers- March 29, 2013

    Trainers from Civilience will be participating in a number of European Union Civil Protection training courses this spring. We will be supplying trainers to the High Level Course (HLC), the Operational Management Course (OPM) and the OPM Refresher course (OPMR).

  • Civilience supporting NATO Exercise "Broken Sword"- March 8, 2013

    Civilience, in the form of Alan, will be supporting the NATO Exercise "Broken Sword" in the Netherlands. He will bring his expertise of humanitarian relief operations to the event as a roleplayer interacting with the military commanders.

  • Civilience Contracted for UN-OCHA SIMEX- February 5, 2013

    Civilience has been asked by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to faciliatate in the delivery of training and a simulation exercise (SIMEX) during the upcoming training course to be held in Qatar in the Gulf.

  • Civilience wins contract to supply training to global animal charity- January 23, 2013

    Working with our partner Hanover Associates, we have just been awarded a contract to deliver both structural collapse and HAZMAT awareness training in Kenya to the emergency response team from the World Society for the Protection of Animals.

  • Civilience went to the Emergency Services Show- November 23, 2012

    The team from Civilience attended the Emergency Services Show recently. We met many old colleagues and made some new ones and would like to thank the many show goers, exhibitors and visitors, who took time to meet the girls and complete our survey.

  • Training with our partner THW (Technisches Hilfswerk)- October 29, 2012

    Civilience has been contracted to supply a trainer/mentor for a series of of training events during the last quarter of 2012. We will participate in a number of EU Civil Protection Mechanism courses in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany and Denmark.

  • Civilience now has a Flickr site- October 5, 2012

    Following the success of our Facebook site, you can now view photos of our work with our clients and partners on Flickr. We have uploaded photos from the recent B-FAST exercise and will include other events as they happen. Our Flickr Site »

  • Exercises with B-FAST- September 17, 2012

    Civilience successfully concluded our role in the second of two field exercises with Belgium Civil Protection, assessing Team Leaders (SDE-3) and Squad Leaders (SDE-2), as well as providing feedback to the Belgium First Aid Support USAR Team (B-FAST).

  • USAR First Responder Package- September 2, 2012

    This project is capacity building project, with our partner Hanover Associates. It is aimed at the development of existing local emergency services and community responders to meet the needs of the affected population at the onset of a disaster or emergency.

  • Social Media - Our new FaceBook page- July 28, 2012

    We are now on Facebook!! In tune with so much of the world and the new social media culture, Civilience now has it's own Facebook page where we will keep our friends and clients up-to-date with everything that is happening at Civilience. Our FaceBook page »

  • Web Site Redevelopment- June 29, 2012

    Finally the scheduled web site redevelopment gets serious with the adoption of a great template from Elemis Designs. The template, called Delphic, suited our need for a clean, pictorally focused site that will be easy to update and maintain.